Wooden Kitchen Countertop Best Features

Wooden kitchen countertop is unbeatable, thanks to its warmth and authentic wooden character. Wood is among the best materials for countertop besides marble. However, it cannot be just any wood because it has to be durable. It has to be sustainable and durable at once. Once you have chosen the right material, this countertop will give you various species, finishes, shapes and colors to choose. With its affordable price and easy installation, this countertop deserves to be your number one option.

And when you think of wooden kitchen countertop aging look that is actually improving over time, your countertop will be available for the next several years. Its neutral look makes it a nice complement for other existing furniture in your kitchen like wooden kitchen cabinets, unique metal pendant light, round dining table and chairs and other furniture.

When it comes to the ideal types of wood to use, there are several most recommended types. Let’s start with bamboo and maple which often make the most popular types. The local woods are great picks as well such as cherry, black walnut and mesquite. But make sure to not choose the soft wood types like pine because this wood isn’t appropriate. Instead, go for premium quality wood like mahogany and teak which can deliver premium functionality and appearance.

Do you ever wonder how much this countertop will cost you? The cost varies depending on the type of wood and design. But to be clearer, the cost of the materials is around $50 to $100 for one square foot. This cost already includes cost for the coating to make perfect finish to prevent the countertop from getting any damages. To get details on information on the cost of the wooden kitchen countertop that you desire, find reputable installer. It’s also recommended to talk to family and friends who have built the same countertop.

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Vanessa Dnielle
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