Interior Makeover: Asian Themed Living Room

Asian Themed Living Room

Have you ever bored with your living room interior? If you do so, then it is time for you to change the theme of your living room. Asian themed living room can be one of the concepts of your living room interior. By implementing Asian themed for your living room, you can create harmonious atmosphere. Invite your friends to come over your house, and see how they react to your new living room interior design. Makeover ordinary living room into living room with Asian themed is fun activity. However, before you makeover the whole living room, you should pay close attention to the following information.

Asian Themed Living Room

In Asian themed living room, you should taking care three aspects on it first. Once you successfully change those three aspects of your living room with Asian theme, you are going to have nice living room with Asian theme. Those aspects are floor, furniture, and accessory. Floor is critical aspect on this living room theme. There are two popular options for living room flooring. If you deciding to use East Asian theme for your living room, then you should replace your floor with tatami floor. However, if you are going to apply Middle East Asian for your living room, then you should cover your living room floor with geometric carpet.

After choosing which flooring theme you are going to use for your Asian themed living room, then you should move to second aspect. The furniture for living room with Asian theme is quite simple. For East Asian living room, both of the table and chair is distinctive. The table used is low table made of wood that shows its grain. In this part of Asian, they do not use chair. They are using thin pillow to sit. As for Middle East Asian, they are using taller table compared to the East Asian table. To make it more fitting, you are suggested to use ottoman chair set. This soft chair gives comfortable feeling for the occupants.

The last aspect of the living room that you should change is the accessories. For East Asian living room, you can use tea set porcelain in the console table. Besides the tea set porcelain, you can also place Buddha statue on the console table. Calligraphic painting is also suitable for this living room theme. In other hand, the Middle East Asian living room, you can collaborate with geometrical tapestry for the accessories. Now that you know all about Asian theme living room, you can experiment with those three aspects to create stunning living room interior design.

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Vanessa Dnielle
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