Country Cottage Kitchens for Small Space

Gallery Texas Hill Country Cottage by Kanga Room Systems

Country cottage kitchens are the kitchen decoration that adds simple, exotic, modern, and charming look. This design is famous with the existence of open shelves, handicraft or such handmade accessories as well as the painted kitchen cabinets. Moreover, the design is also quite easy to do. This article tries to show you some ideas regarding the cottage style.

First, it needs to determine the dominant palette of the kitchen. For the small one, it’s better to paint the wall with white color. It can enhance the space besides adding the clean and clear look to the decoration. The combination of white and wooden accent adds the endless look. As the design deals with the open shelving, you need to hang some open shelves. For the material, wood is the best choice. It can create the warm atmosphere to the decoration. Besides, wood also has high rate durability, so it will stand firmly for longer. Paint the wood in accordance with the kitchen theme. It will add the high exposure.

These open shelves have function to display any of kitchen stuff like plates, glasses, teapot, and so on. Then, you can choose the beadboard kitchen cabinets as other trademark of country cottage kitchens. It adds the stronger characteristic of the decoration. Choose the off-white kitchen cabinets in combination with wooden countertop and white tile sinks. If the space in the center of kitchen is still available, you can add a beadbord kitchen island with wooden top. It is in similar design with kitchen cabinets.

Next, add some handmade accessories like small hanging wooden basket, sea shell framed mirror, and others. The pendant lighting fixture in white bulb is nice stuff to perfect your small country cottage kitchens. It adds simple but charming look. Furthermore, wooden flooring will make your kitchen to be more decorative and functional, though.

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Vanessa Dnielle
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